August 2000 - TNBK

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Yup, only toti is a working stiff.  The other three just kinda bum around. Jim really isn't that short.


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No, REALLY, Jim isn't that short!  What's TG dreaming about?


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Many in our class helped out with the scholar Imee Manal.  From humble beginnings, to the first female Tulong-Dunong scholar at Maryknoll (good call TG!), and now a decent financial job at the UN.


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Robbie's still a pretty cute guy and still turning the ladies heads.   JP and Robbie gave the waiter hell over some funky stuff with the bill.


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Mylene Abiva was our intramurals muse during our senior year.   Despite the age, kids, and multiple family businesses, she still looked good enough that most of the men in the restaurant stared at her.


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