Disney, March 2001 Part 4 - Xavier's First trip to DisneyWorld
(2 weeks off from school in March, he's gotta have somewhere to go!)


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Darth Xavier.



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Xavier's Favourite Ride.  10x in one day, and then 3 more times before we left for the airport on another day.



20010327d.jpg (134588 bytes)

That's a *real* prop.


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Dunno what sand they manufactured for disneyworld, but it was soft, felt cool in the heat, did not get muddy (unlike real sand), and was not irritating.  Yes, synthetic is better!



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These 'mickey' powerboats are an absolute blast!


20010329d.JPG (73670 bytes)

These 'mickey' powerboats are a blast!


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Of course, our last meal for this trip had to be a character meal.


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Until next year!  Yes, we did go again in march 2002.


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