Disney March, 2001 Part 3 - Xavier's First trip to DisneyWorld
(2 weeks off from school in March, he's gotta have somewhere to go!)

20010325d.JPG (281923 bytes)

They're just a little taller than me.



20010325e.JPG (228291 bytes)

My new pet!


20010325i.JPG (126378 bytes)

Xavier can't walk by a face-paint station and not get his face painted.


20010326b.jpg (133340 bytes)

My ONE picture with dad the whole disney trip!



20010326d.jpg (97447 bytes)

Do I have to touch these people?



20010326e.jpg (138817 bytes)

Terk is okay, but where's Jane?


20010326f.jpg (144613 bytes)

Yes, this is a real dinosaur.


20010326h.jpg (192034 bytes)

Nope, not having any fun at all.


20010327a.jpg (96354 bytes)

Xavier spent hours and hours in the 'boneyard'.


20010327b.jpg (115162 bytes)

Xavier spent hours and hours in the 'boneyard'.


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