Disney, March 2001 - Xavier's First trip to DisneyWorld
(2 weeks off from school in March, he's gotta have somewhere to go!)


20010324Bh.JPG (147747 bytes)

Oh yeah!  I'm in heaven!


20010324Bd.JPG (125057 bytes)

Happiness is having dinner at a Di$ney character meal.


20010324Bb.JPG (97843 bytes)

Yup, even the coke here tastes better.


20010324Ba.JPG (117409 bytes)

Dad played this too when he was a kid, only back then it shot out real pellets.


20010324b.JPG (129419 bytes)

Don't ask me why dad insisted we do this ride first.

20010324a.JPG (121441 bytes)

Whoa is me.



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