Wedding B & M 2000


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Yup, BA finally gave in.  Resistance is futile.


ZZtoronto04sep00.jpg (118687 bytes)

ZZ dancing with LC, the future #1 tennis player in the world.
(Hey LC, we're going to show this pic to ya when we need tickets to the slams)


ZZtoronto05sep00.jpg (108590 bytes)

Yes, zz is shy. :-)


ZZtoronto07sep00.jpg (111063 bytes)

First slow dance.


ZZtoronto06sep00.jpg (132397 bytes)

Mr. Happy Feet - Bogeying down!


ZZtoronto09sep00.jpg (119388 bytes)

The age of innocence.  Where do little kids pick up these things?


ZZtoronto08sep00.jpg (105370 bytes)

Scout's honour, this was entirely their own volition.  I thought it was funny, but perhaps the little girl's parents had a different opinion. :-)


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