Mt.Tremblant, winter 2000

All the ski areas in North America have one thing in common:  They all say that 'They want to be another Mt.Tremblant.'  This is the disneyworld of ski areas.  Great staff, wide and beautifully cut trails, a lake right next to the mountain, and a slopeside town with something for everyone.  Most of the cars are parked UNDER the town and out of shit - Vail, eat your heart out!


ZZTrmblntski02Mar00.jpg (250166 bytes)

Racer Xavier!  3 years old and 2 consecutive top-to-bottom runs! We ended his 2000 season on that high note.

Can't start 'em too early in their olympic training. :-)
No one followed grandpa (ron's dad) in his olympic tradition, and dad (ron) flunked out, but maybe zz can make up for it.   All we ask is for one olympic games and one Nobel prize - is that too much to ask?
At this point (January 2001), zz has skied the blue terrain at killington/pico unaided.   These runs would be a black (expert) at smaller mountains.  On january 28, 2001, ZZ ran his first set of gates (slalom).  Although, ZZ did have to follow dad down the course (someone had to show him the line).


ZZTrmblntski01Mar00.jpg (270561 bytes)

Racer Xavier!


ZZTrmblntsittingMar00.jpg (242339 bytes)

Yes, that is a 'K' vest.  Someday it'll be an 'OSP' vest.


ZZTrmblntanimalMar00.jpg (304453 bytes)

One of the locals.


ZZTrmblntturtleMar00.jpg (287666 bytes)

Indoor waterpark.  The fun never stops.


ZZTrmblntwithmomMar00.jpg (307070 bytes)

At least zz got mom's nose instead of dad's ugly flat nose.


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