Suicide Six, Vermont, December 2002
(xavier's first official vermont alpine race)


zzracesuicidesix1.JPG (107910 bytes)

Slipping the course with the coach and the rest of the Pico Ski Team.  Next year they get uniforms.


zzracesuicidesix2.JPG (130188 bytes)

Lining up for the first run.



zzracesuicidesix3.JPG (126586 bytes)

The bibs were outside their fleece or jacket for a reason in this race - it was below 0F!
Perfect race conditions. :-)


zzracesuicidesix4.JPG (26383 bytes)

1st run.  Notice the modern atheletic race stance instead of the feet together method of old.

zzracesuicidesix6.JPG (174269 bytes)

Lining up for the 2nd run.


zzracesuicidesix5.JPG (90412 bytes)

2nd run.  Reach for that gate.


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