Philadelphia, PA, May 2002
(Mita's visit)


bowes_1.JPG (122715 bytes)

Xavier with Mita.  Xavier misses Mita!


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With Mita and cousins.


bowes_3.JPG (130506 bytes)bowes_4.JPG (126988 bytes)

Notice the ties.


bowes5_bell.JPG (107368 bytes)

Liberty Bell.  Kinda like a french World War II rifle you'd find on Ebay - 'never used, dropped once.'


bowes6.JPG (137604 bytes)

Mita's favorite son and grandson.

zzmita2.JPG (104064 bytes)

At a cousin's house in new jersey, the famous author lincoln child.


zzwithmita.JPG (106000 bytes)

With Mita.


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