DisneyWorld, Wilderness Lodge, Florida, March 2002
(2 weeks off in march, gotta go somewhere)


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Wilderness Lodge is like it's own theme park.  Absolute heaven for kids.   It's the most heavily themed hotel in the park.  The concierge level is like no other concierge I've ever experienced, including the four seasons.


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Gee, when I bought an underwater camera, they didn't tell me there was no filter for bubbles.



disneywildlodge4.JPG (113123 bytes)disneywildlodge5.JPG (112195 bytes)

These mickey powerboats are an absolute hoot.



disneywildlodge6.JPG (112918 bytes)

Yup, more autographs.


disneywildlodge3.JPG (96579 bytes)

The typical result of a fun time from 7 am to past 9 pm.  Don't tell his mom.   Actually, I'm the worry wart.  8 nights at disneyworld on this trip, I finally let him sleep on the top bunk on the final night.  I was way too worried he might fall off and hurt himself.


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