DisneyWorld, Magic Kingdom, Florida, March 2002
(two weeks off in march, gotta go somewhere)




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Xavier's second trip to the world of the mouse.  First time was last year's march break.


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Xavier cannot walk by a face-painting stand without getting his face painted.


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Yes, we obtained tickets to the most difficult tickets to get in the whole wide world:   a character breakfast at cinderella's castle. Funny, when I told cinderella that I was going to sit with her next, she said she had to leave cuz it was almost midnight somewhere in the world.


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Sorry xavier, I know, it's more fun hanging with cinderella.



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The requisite picture in front of walt, mickey, and the castle.


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Xavier was on an autograph chase.  Most kids are.



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They asked xavier to dance but not dad. :-(



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Xavier is wearing shorts under the AA skirt.  Really.

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I played this shooting gallery too 20+ years ago, but it used to shoot real pellets.



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More autographs.  A prize for whoever remembers the name of this bear.


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New ride at the magic kingdom.


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More autographs.  Actually this character meal place had decent food.



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In addition to the decent food, the characters came out galore.



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This ride was not running the year before.  Xavier tried his best to make his motion-sickness-prone dad puke on this ride.  Unfortunately for dad, they would not let xavier ride by himself.


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