DisneyWorld, MGM Studios, Florida
March Break, 2002
(two weeks of in March, Xavier's gotta go somewhere)


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Xavier's big thing for this trip was hunting down for autographs.




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Darth Maul on a speedster.  Xavier cannot walk past
a face-painting station without getting his face painted.


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Sudden rain, sudden washout.


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I never got the appeal to kids - this random water shooting in
the 'Honey I shrunk the kids' section.


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You had to be there to understand.


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Good thing dad brought a change of clothes before
we went to dinner.


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At the fancy brown derby resto at Disney MGM, supposed to be
the best food at the theme parks.


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Nice to be in shorts in March.


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Xavier the artist.



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With some his favorite characters.

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Xavier loves this thing.


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On one particular day, we watched the Indiana Jones
Stunt Spectacular 3 times.


disneymgm15.JPG (130470 bytes)

He just loves this thing.


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