DisneyWorld, Blizzard Beach, Florida
March Break, 2002
(xavier's got 2 weeks school break, we gotta go somewhere!)


disneyblizbeach1.JPG (139469 bytes)

This is a fabulous water park, that only disney can make like no other.


disneyblizbeach2.JPG (122428 bytes)

Xavier did the iceberg run 40 consecutive times without falling.


disneyblizbeach3.JPG (121028 bytes)

Yes, that really looks like snow.


disneyblizbeach4.JPG (102464 bytes)

Yup, it's a real ski lift.  Disney style.


disneyblizbeach5.JPG (129169 bytes)

In the wave pool.


disneyblizbeach6.JPG (116173 bytes)

I love this place!


disneyblizbeach7.JPG (134684 bytes)

The lazy river was truly relaxing.  I think we laid down on a
tube for over an hour.


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