Disney, March 2001 - Xavier's First trip to DisneyWorld
(2 weeks off from school in March, he's gotta have somewhere to go!)


disneyAK1.JPG (113966 bytes)disneyAK2.JPG (120299 bytes)

Is the ride over?


disneyAK3.JPG (124841 bytes)

I love this synthetic dirt!


disneyAK4.JPG (137010 bytes)

No mud, no fuss, no need to clean.



disneyAK5.JPG (115054 bytes)

The disney guides say that it can be hard to get a kid out of the 'boneyard', and they are right!



disneyAK6.JPG (126723 bytes)


disneyAK7.JPG (112467 bytes)

Wow, I can't believe I was too scared to go on this ride last year.


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