Alaska Cruise, ship Infinity dinners, June 2002
(all you can eat gluttony 18 hours a day)


alaskashipdinner1.JPG (99521 bytes)alaskashipdinner4.JPG (65663 bytes)

Mostly dress up dinners.  The interior elevators had cool mirrors.


alaskashipdinner3.JPG (94973 bytes)

No surprise here....xavier dumps mom&dad for a young pretty lady.
(actually, she approached him first)


alaskashipdinner2.JPG (124885 bytes)alaskashipdinner5.JPG (95553 bytes)

Mom the chaperone checking that xavier is behaving himself.



alaskashipdinner6.JPG (53116 bytes)alaskashipdinner7.JPG (118536 bytes)

Food and staff parade.
Working mostly on tips and on a salary of 50 cents/day creates for a *highly* motivated staff.
They didn't teach this in B-school.


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