Alaska Inside Passage Cruise, the ship Infinity
June 2002


alaskaship9.JPG (92826 bytes)

1st activity, a lap around the boat!


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Then disco dancing in one of the dozen or so bars.


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No diving!



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In case you're wondering, the pool on the ship is saltwater.


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No diving!



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As you can tell, swimming is not exactly popular in 40-50f weather.



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Hubbard Glacier.  It's about 35f with a stiff windchill.  Notice the shorts?
Nearly everyone else (including peggy) was wearing winter jackets and gloves.



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Hubbard Glacier.



alaskaship8.JPG (110220 bytes)

Hubbard Glacier.  Can't tell the size/scale but those ice walls are over 10 stories tall.



alaskaship11.JPG (108680 bytes)

First dinner on the ship Infinity.  The ship is huge!  Bigger than an aircraft carrier.


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