Birthday Parties, May 2002
(one party for his AA classmates and cousins, and one for the neighborhood kids)


20020521zzbday3.JPG (109166 bytes)

Bowling is never any fun. :-)


20020521zzbday2.JPG (31324 bytes)20020521zzbday1.JPG (23636 bytes)

AA is coed up to kindergarten (too young to start any trouble).


20020521zzbday6.JPG (88364 bytes)20020521zzbday5.JPG (97549 bytes)

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!



20020521zzbday4.JPG (107347 bytes)

Where's the food?


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That's kyla showing her serious side.


zzbday1.JPG (113311 bytes)

Aren't birthdays great?


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