AA Calendar Year 2002
(2nd half of Kindergarten, 1st half of first grade)


AAgrandparentsday1.JPG (113358 bytes)

Grandparents Day



zzleptrap.JPG (106365 bytes)AAleptrap.JPG (104408 bytes)

Building and displaying a leprachaun trap.



AApicnic2.JPG (116517 bytes)AApicnic3.JPG (127904 bytes)

Fieldtrip, Janeway Farm.



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AA Spring Concert.


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A great year in Kindergarten.  Mrs. Stevens, Xavier's favorite teacher, deserves all the credit.



zzaafieldtrip1.JPG (106835 bytes)

1st Grade fieldtrip - Iroquios Museum.


AAfieldtripmuseum1.JPG (109142 bytes)

1st Grade fieldtrip, NYS Museum.


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