Zion National Park, Spring 2001
(the most fun hiking 'trail' we've ever done)


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We flew into vegas, stayed at the luxor.  Caesar's Palace on the return segment was MUCH nicer, though.


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The hike was mostly on a river.  Great way to stay cool!


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Yes, when the water was too deep for xavier, his old and fat dad carried him on the shoulder.


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One of the shallower parts.



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How many places can you find where you can put your back to a waterfall?


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Peggy teaching an art lesson.


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King of the little hill.


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Shot taken by xavier.  Not bad for a 5-year old (we're almost centered).


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Hike the next daty, we climbed up.  This really looks like a picture of Ron some 30+ years ago.



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A break in the shade from the 90 degree heat.  This IS a desert.

20010702h.JPG (76873 bytes)

Trying to catch some fish.



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