Skiing, Winter 2001

(Xavier's best sport by far;  these are from 2001.  In the most recent winter (2002), he's skiing expert bump terrain such as summit glade comfortably)

Note that zz was 4 years old in these pictures!


Pico 20010317d.jpg (104088 bytes)Pico 20010317c.jpg (106875 bytes)












Top of Pico, Killington Peak in the background.  On route to the bumps on summit glade! [march, 2001]



Pico 20010317b.jpg (88870 bytes)

We don't know why, but he doesn't like mom in front. [march 2001]


Pico 20010317.jpg (120363 bytes)

Pico, I think.  [march 2001]



20010407b.jpg (97763 bytes)

Phenom 4-year old carving up a flush.  (April 2001)


20010407a.jpg (86877 bytes)

Keep those hands in front!  (April 2001)



20010406a.JPG (75767 bytes)

Are we having fun yet?  Check out dad's shorts!  (April 2001)



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