Bryce Canyon, July 2001
(THE most spectacular natural site we've ever seen.   Makes the grand canyon look like just a hole in the ground.  Absolutely NO WAY pictures do this place any justice.  Pictures cannot capture the enormity and dramatic thunder of this place.  Forget the grand canyon - GO see Bryce.)


20010705a.JPG (81123 bytes)

Xavier loved seeing the hoodoo's.


20010704e.JPG (71495 bytes)

Spectacular views from the rim.


20010704d.JPG (70727 bytes)

Perhaps Xavier's best picture in 2001.




20010704b_hires.JPG (95444 bytes)

We were pretending that we actually like each other.



20010704a.JPG (80713 bytes)

This is just one part of the canyon.  How many hoodoo's do you see?


20010703f.JPG (74337 bytes)

The view as you drive to bryce canyon.


20010703e.JPG (83438 bytes)

In the valley of the hoodoo's.


20010703d.JPG (82924 bytes)

Notice peggy's goofy 'Albany' shirt.


20010703c.JPG (76150 bytes)


20010703b.JPG (69299 bytes)

Depression in the rock. :-)


20010703a.JPG (78740 bytes)

Baby needs new hiking shoes.



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