AA Pre-K Miscellaneous Pics, October 2000-May 2001
(pics mostly courtesy of Mrs. Blaisdell)


AA Skate 200102b.jpg (95527 bytes)

2nd year skating at school.  Are these kids spoiled or what.   [2001/Feb]


AA Skate 200102.jpg (98276 bytes)

Dad was one of the 'regulars' helping tie skates.   [2001/Feb]



MVC-009F.JPG (127530 bytes)

In the playground.   [2001/May]



MVC-007F.JPG (128677 bytes)

His pre-K class.   [2001/May]


MVC-006F.JPG (128163 bytes)

The teacher was so tough, zz is sweating doing his book report! :-)    [2001/May]


MVC-004F.JPG (58048 bytes)

No fooling around in the pre-K AA class.   [2001/May]


MVC-003F.JPG (95364 bytes)

Counting to 100 with his lunch seatmate.   [2001/May]


MVC-002F.JPG (101916 bytes)

Haloween at AA.   [2000/October]


MVC-001F.JPG (89962 bytes)

Spiked Pikachu.   [2000/October]


20011031.JPG (72763 bytes)

Haloween at AA:  Spy Kid!
(Actually, this pic is from Kindergarten, October 2001)




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